Vegetarian Meatballs

Most of the stories I came accross during school, somewhere had a sentence that would say "meatballs smelt amazing" or "a girl was hungry and passed by a shop where she saw beautiful meatballs" etc etc. Being a Hindu, I have been vegetarian and always had this curiosity of how delicious would meatballs be or... Continue Reading →


This one too one of the husband's demand. Truely speaking I came across the name first time when he sent me an email requesting if we could have as a weekend brunch. The recipe looked very interesting but by the time it was weekend, we felt if we really wanted to have Shakshuka. So yes... Continue Reading →

Lentil & Spinach Curry

We all may have someone in the house who loves rice! I too have one at my home and that's the reason I look for rice recipes and its accompaniments. Being an Indian, my lunch or dinner will surely have a lentil(well this is changing now) but there are likes and dislikes and that's what... Continue Reading →

Cabbage and Spinach Vegee Fritters

I have always been in love with finger foods sjnve they are quick and easy to make, less time consuming, has good flavours and can be served hot/cold. All that this recipe needs is a couple of greens from your fridge and thats it. Perfect for a quick breakfast or a party on tray or... Continue Reading →

Vegetable Lettuce Wraps

Most of the times I would end up wasting my lettuce since I would buy and just end up using few leaves into my salads and the rest remains till I make something again and if that does not happen sooner, the lettuce is a waste. This can happen with many vegetables that stay in... Continue Reading →

Crispy Tofu & Sprouts with Wild Rice

Being a vegetarian, I have to look for options to balance my protein intake. Well there are varieties of beans and sprouts but they turn a bit boring if I had to consume them on a regular basis. Tofu is one such ingredient i would replace with chicken or lamb. Well marinated, spiced and cooked... Continue Reading →

Chilli Lime Avo Breakfast smash

Being an Indian, spice would be the first thing to tempt me. Another combination that I would love to have is avocado with lime or lemon!! anything made of avocado, you add generous amount of fresh lime or lemon juice and it has to taste delicious! a quick snack/supper/breakfast dish that you could go for!!... Continue Reading →

Chickpea Fritters

When there is that dark cloud in the sky, a cool breeze, you are heading home after a busy day at work, you want something to warm up your body but then you don't want to spend hours in the kitchen nor want to drive few kms to a restaurant, you can absolutely go for... Continue Reading →

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