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Lets take this opportunity to introduce the person behind this culinary blog. I am Hetvi Naik, best described as “adventurous cook”, sounds funny but that’s true. I experiment everything and anything that comes to my mind when its about cooking. For me, all that matters is the love and the humbleness that you pour out into your cooking and it always reflects on the food you plate up.

Besides the cooking me, I work at an educational institution in Melbourne, Australia. I was born and brought up in the state of Gujarat, India. My culinary skills and the expression of interest in the food are cent percent hereditary from my mom and dad respectively. Personally, I am completely biased or partial towards sweets/cakes/desserts and hence baking is my preferred method of cooking.  I got married to Viral Naik, a man who is towards savory and spicy dishes. Fortunately, I started exploring and experimenting the other side of the food world. With a schedule of 5 working days and running a small home business on weekends, I would hardly find time for cooking and if I would, I might not prefer exploring new dishes but just cook the regular Indian dishes which after a few days would become a bit boring. This made me look for new recipes but the difference this time was I would look for comfy cooking. Something that was interesting, tasty, new but would be quick and easy to cook. My husband has been the best guide and the person to review my cooking over these few years, which has pushed me more to create and look out for new recipes. This has made me realise, cooking for others gives immense pleasure rather than doing it for yourself and this realisation in me leads to food gatherings for friends at our place and their applauds inspire me more.

I am a chatterbox and maybe you know that by now. Hope this blog is useful to you, answers your questions and helps you find what you are looking for. For any suggestions or queries, you can contact me at:

Happy Cooking,


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