Desserts and Sweets

The sweet tooth  around the wold are a lot many and no matter if its a small celebration, festival, any occasion, etc you will for sure find sweet delicacies there. The Desserts and Sweets page has been divided into 2 other sections for the reader’s convenience. Hope its useful.


This page helps all those friends around the world who want to use their ovens at home. Baking is a method of cooking that has become advanced with time and has come too far. When it comes to baking, you have to be very careful with the measurements. I would recommend you to follow the exact measurements to get success over the recipe and to make sure the efforts don’t go waste. Another suggestion I would recommend is, when you are using this method of cooking, specially for desserts, divide the ingredients into dry and wet. I have any ways divided them on the recipe pages. The reason behind this is, baking always needs a smooth mixture with no lumps so sift any dry ingredient that you use. Also, sifting creates air pockets which helps the desserts to rise, be fluffy, spongy and soft while they are baked. So if you divide the ingredients to dry and wet, it makes your work very very quick and easy, just 2 steps to follow and push it in the oven!

  1. Take all the dry ingredients in a bowl, leaving any whole ingredients like nuts aside and sift. They will be mixed well as well as sifted well.
  2. Once done, add all the wet ingredients, one by one, mix as instructed in the recipe and all done!!

Very rare chances of making mistakes and will be accurate with the measurements.



This page carries all those sweets and desserts that are cooked on gas, chilled, fried, etc. This page for sure carries a wide variety of delicacies.

Explore the pages by clicking on the headings above to learn more about the recipes…..

Happy cooking!!!

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