Dear viewers,

This blog is created only with a thought of helping people with home cooking, sharing recipes, exploring food and places. It does not state anywhere that these are the my own recipes or creations. I have learnt cooking all over the years searching for the best ways and ingredients to cook a perfect dish. Again, perfect dish doesn’t say its the true authentic dish. The recipes may not have the most traditional or authentic way of cooking, ingredients or taste. They are for sure tested in my kitchen and wherever not, it will be mentioned on the recipe page. In case you find the recipe matching to yours or from somewhere else, it maybe a coincidence since I always look internet for my cooking. Cooking is my passion, stress reliever and an adventure for me and have chosen to write this blog as a platform to share my thoughts and food that I cook and not with an intention of any credits or financial benefits.

I expect viewers not to take things to an extra level but have fun with cooking and food. Still in case you have issues, you can always contact via email: .


Hetvi Naik

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