Nectarine Ricotta N Avocado Toast

Having a toast on your plate for a breakfast after a while turns out boring 😦 Bread is one of the favourites at our home and hence I have to give my brains a bit of an exercise on what should it be next paired up with? After coming across the fruit and bread combination for... Continue Reading →

Quince Jelly-The Old Family way

Quince: a hard, acid pear-shaped fruit. Well, maybe came across this fruit in the supermarket but never put in the efforts of analysing it unless a friend of mine started bringing some Apple sandwiches for me from her cafe, that I came to know they used something called quince jelly in it. I started finding this... Continue Reading →

Vegetable Wonton & Noodle Soup

Growing up in India, Chinese food meant, all the indo-Chinese dishes. Very comfy and yummy for winters to be honest.  After having all of that, I come to the Oz land and see the actual Chinese cuisine, of course knowing this is the actual cuisine and not what I had eaten all my life. Being vegetarian,... Continue Reading →

Watermelon and Figs Salad

Fresh Figs have been a trend. We all are familiar with dry figs since ages and perhaps use it all the time. I wasn't much into Fresh Figs, probably because of the squishy texture, until I had it with mascarpone cheese and realized how good it tastes. I love my fruits and most of the times... Continue Reading →

Granola Sundae with Yogurt & Mango

Most of us like nuts in our diet may it be because of richness, health or just to add a crunch to your dish. We mostly prefer certain nuts with certain recipes and most of the times don't prefer to add all types of nuts into everything. Talking about seeds, these days we avoid having... Continue Reading →

Broccoli and Almond Soup

Most of the times we are at the supermarket and realise we need to purchase most of the things that would be way more in quantity than we require! Me, being one of those who doesn’t like my fridge/pantry to be full of stuff, most of the times find ways to use such leftover ingredients... Continue Reading →

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