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This blog is created to help you explore the world of vegetarian food. It includes eggs and dairy products but no sea food and meat. I was born and brought up vegetarian and have remained one over the years and that is what has helped me explore the vegetarian world of cooking.

I have tried my best to include recipes that are not mandatory to follow the way are given here. They maybe a medium and suggestion to give the best solution to your dish which also means all of the cooking is not authentic, there maybe modified versions.The blog recipes give you ideas and suggestions to replace the ingredients or method of cooking thus, trying to make your cooking a comfy cooking. Always look out for the tips below the recipes since they might be helpful to you before you start with your cooking or purchasing groceries. When it comes to baking, there are possibilities you have to follow the measurements sine that’s what baking usually demands. The blog and I completely believe you don’t need to be an expert to step into the kitchen, as far as you are dedicated towards what you plate up.

Moreover, this blog doesn’t contain anything that says “healthy recipes” or “healthy food”. “Health” doesn’t relate with ingredients, calorie counts and method of cooking. It all starts with the thoughts, mind, willingness and efforts of the cook. If you are angry, have negative thoughts or are lazy to cook but are doing it for the sake of it, please don;t do it. It won;t help you neither with taste nor satisfaction. My favorite tagline when it comes to cooking is, “Be happy, pour all the love, humbleness and dedication and you will plate up the best dish, may it be the simplest of all”.

Happy cooking!!


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