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I stepped on the land of Australia in 2013, following my husband whom I married in 2012. Life back in India was pretty easy going and relaxing since I had no responsibilities apart from the ones that I had at my workplace. My bills, my food, laundry, groceries etc was all taken care of by my mother. Didn’t realize how difficult it is unless it all came upon me. I started working here in Australia, and that’s when I realized it was just not the job but all the other things that I have to take care of along with the full time working hours. Baking being my passion, I ended up opening a small home bakery where I bake fresh to order. But being new into the business and not sure how far I would go, I preferred not to leave my job. So now was the time when I actually realized the importance of time management, multitasking, smart shopping, pre-planning, budgets etc.Staying with a foodie husband, who very well understands food, cooking, ingredients, I started looking for new recipes/dishes as well as it became a task for me to step into the kitchen. As usual, few questions would arise with the hurdles. What should I cook? Do I have the ingredients? If not, buy them or think of another option and it would go on and on. All this, led me to do a bit of planning, looking out for new recipes and quick cooking methods. Thinking about the fact that I would not be the only one facing these situations, but many of them around the globe, I thought of creating a space where I can share and store the recipes and my experiments that would help everyone out there.

I have made a point to include all types of vegetarian recipes, but again, the main concept is easy cooking. Lets make sure stepping into the kitchen is no big deal for us anymore.

Moreover, there is no term as “healthy food” or “healthy recipes” for me since I believe “good health” doesn’t come just with the ingredients, calories or method of cooking. Its much more. So you can have nutritious food/ingredients/recipes but not “healthy”. My favorite recipe for cooking a best dish is “Pour love, humbleness and dedication and garnish it with your smile while you serve and you will get the best dish out, may it be the simplest of all.”

You are most welcome to share your recipes or suggest anything that you would like to see here on this page.

Happy cooking!!


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