Vegetable Wonton & Noodle Soup

Growing up in India, Chinese food meant, all the indo-Chinese dishes. Very comfy and yummy for winters to be honest.  After having all of that, I come to the Oz land and see the actual Chinese cuisine, of course knowing this is the actual cuisine and not what I had eaten all my life. Being vegetarian, the options were very limited and so all that could happen was to cook it at home. What I knew wasn’t the actual cuisine and the traditional, I never had tried. Well, all that ended upto was wontons and dumplings. Always wanted to try but perhaps never grabbed the opportunity to do it. Recently, a friend of mine(who is a baker and a foodie too) posted a photo of pot stickers and what pushed me was the vegetable stock she made at home. Who on earth would want to make it at home!!! Well, I went ahead and the same weekend made the stock using all that I found in the fridge. The stock was in the fridge for about 4 days and it was then that I gathered the strength to make the wonton soup 😉 Still not making wonton wrappers at home.

Not any quick(quick if using store bought vegetable stock) this time but still worth trying and making it for a cosy winter night. Gives you the freedom of using vegetables of your choice.


Vegetable Stock:

A mix of vegetables of your choice1 Onionsalt to taste


For Wontons:

1 tsp. olive oila pack of wonton wrappers1 1/2 cup finely chopped cabbage1 cup finely chopped carrots1 tsp. each grated ginger and garlic3 tsps. soy sauce3 tsps. Sriracha saucesalt to taste20180701_193235




For Soup:

2-3 tsps.. olive oil
4 cups vegetable stock1 Onion, sliceda handful of finely chopped spring onions to garnishSome sliced Mushrooms1/2 green capsicum, sliced1tsp. each grated ginger and garlic(add more if you like)Soy sauce and Sriracha sauce, according to your taste preference
salt to taste1 cup boiled Noodles
A pinch of Ajinomoto if you have or 1 tsp. vinegar


Vegetable Stock:

  1. Add all the vegetables in a pot with around 4 cups water and salt. Keep cooking till all the vegetables are almost mashed. There is no specific time really, its upto you how strong you want the stock to be. Once cooked and cooled, pass it through a sieve and the stock is ready.
  2. For vegetables, I used onion, garlic, tomatoes, broccoli, potatoes, cabbage, carrots, mushrooms, peas and corn kernels.



  1. Heat oil in a pan. Cook through garlic and ginger.
  2. Once cooked, add cabbage, carrots and all the other ingredients and let it all cook till the cabbage and carrots are cooked finely. Should appear as if they are mashed.
  3. Set aside in a bowl and allow it to cool completely. Once cooled. you can make small balls or just fill into the wontons with a spoon.
  4. Take each Wonton wrapper, fill in the stuffing and seal them. I saw a couple of videos on YouTube on how to fold and shape. There are a few and I did the easiest ones, haha
  5. Boil water in a pot. Make sure the pot is almost 3/4th filled with water. once the water starts boiling, add wontons a couple at a time or a few is fine as well depending on the size of the pot. Once the wontons are cooked, they will start floating on the top.
  6. Remove them, drain excess water and leave them aside.


  1. Heat oil in a pan. Cook the garlic and ginger. Further, add onions and cook till translucent.
  2. Add the other vegetables and allow them to cook.
  3. Add the stock and all other ingredients(except noodles) and allow it to boil till it all thickens a bit.


  1. Place wontons in a bowl. Pour ladle of soup as much as you like, add some boiled noodles and garnish with some spring onions.
  2. Serve HOT!!


HN’s Tips:

  1. You can cook through the noodles with the soup. I left it separate since the soup was lunch for next day as well and re-heating soup might overcook the noodles.
  2. The quantity of vegetables, sauces can be changed upto your taste
  3. You can add a bit of corn-starch to the soup if you like it a bit thick
  4. If there is extra filling and wrappers, you can fill in them and freeze them without cooking for later use.


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