Berries Mint & Lemon Infused Water

As we all know water is the best drink that we could have. The more, the better. I have realised with time that though I know this fact, it sometimes becomes difficult and most of the times I forget to keep a check on the amount of water I had. Infused water is a trend that has helped me with this. The refreshing flavours of the infused components in the water replaces the other sugary drinks hence saving me from those calories and the best part would be I can have as much as I can!! We all know water is tasteless but travelling around has made us all realise that water does feel different almost everywhere and this is a perfect solution to avoid the feeling.


1 cup mixed berries
3-4 mint leaves
2 thin slices of lemon
1 to 1.5 ltrs water


  1. Add the berries, mint leaves and lemon slices to the water
  2. Leave it overnight in the fridge(or atleast for 4 hours) and enjoy from next morning


  1. Try to slice fruits or other components used that have a thick skin but are juicy inside. Slicing will help infuse the juices

  2. If soft fruits like berries are used, you can sort of semi crush them once infused or while serving

  3. Make sure there is enough time for infusion so that it feels good.

  4. There are different flavours which i prefer. Few suggestions are below(method remain same, its just different combinations of components:

- strawberry and mint
- watermelon and basil
- orange and blueberry
- citrus mint which has orange, lemon and mint
- blackberry and mint
- pear, ginger, vanilla bean and cinnamon
- apple and cinnamon
- ginger and peach
- lemon, lime and mint


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