Avocado and Egg Muffin

My favorite combination on my breakfast plate is Bread, Avocado and Eggs. I get this and then don’t ask for any other option. I guess most of us like this on our plate. Out of the many recipes that I cook using this combination, this is one of them and that tomato chutney is the cherry on the cake!! Try out and you will fall for it.


2 eggs
1 gluten-free or wholegrain English muffin
1 tbs avocado
1 tbs tomato chutney


1. Heat a non-stick frypan over medium heat. Crack eggs into the pan, turning to cook both sides.
2. Toast muffin, then spread one side with avocado and the other with chutney. Add eggs to serve.
you can exclude the chutney if not available or not a fan of it.
If English muffin is not available, no need to rush to the market, any bread available at home will do.
Happy cooking!!

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